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Explore the Public API Performance dashboard

The Public API Performance dashboard is a dashboard supported by New Relic’s Global Performance data sets. It’s an out-of-the-box dashboard included as part of your New Relic account. It provides both actionable general insights about the performance of public APIs and an opportunity for new customers to test-drive New Relic’s dashboarding capabilities before adding their own data.

The dashboard works by showing real latencies experienced by an anonymized sampling of New Relic customers when accessing popular public APIs.


Global Performance data sets are presented as-is. Global Performance data sets represent an aggregate of samples across a range of sources, and New Relic makes no effort to attempt to confirm the correctness, completeness, or veracity of the data. This data should not be relied on as the sole source of information for any purpose you may use it, and New Relic is not responsible for decisions made in reliance on this data. Global Performance data sets should not be viewed as either an endorsement or a recommendation by New Relic of the technologies represented in the data sets.

Add the dashboard in New Relic

If the Public API Performance dashboard isn't already visible in your UI, you can add it easily.

  1. Enable the dashboard from one.newrelic.com/:
    • New customers: The dashboard is enabled by default and added to the favorites list for all new accounts.
    • Existing customers: If the dashboard hasn't already been enabled, you can add it by clicking your avatar and selecting Add your data.
  2. Click the Public API Performance tile to open the account selector, then click Add and view pre-built dashboard
  3. On the Public API Performance dashboard page, start exploring! Click the ... at the corner of any pane to expand charts, view queries, and more.

View of the Public API Performance dashboard screen.

Public API Performance dashboard

Explore the dashboard

Below are some suggestions for how to explore the Public API Performance dashboard.

  • Click in the corner of any of the charts and select View query to view the NRQL query used to create the chart.
  • Click in the corner of any of the charts and select Get as image to view or download any chart as an image.
  • Select specific domains from the bar chart or add a filter by clicking the text field along the at the top of the page.
  • If you’ve already added your own data, experiment with copying queries and modifying them for your own use.


The Public API Performance dashboard is not currently available to EU customers.


The Public API Performance dashboard does not currently support alerts.

More about dashboards and data

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