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New Relic Global Performance data sets

New Relic’s Global Performance data sets offer immediate access to meaningful, large-scale, aggregated telemetry data.

Global Performance data sets data are useful for:

  • Existing New Relic customers who want to gain general monitoring and troubleshooting insights from a curated collection of aggregated, real-world data.
  • Newcomers who want to get a feel for New Relic’s dashboards and data tools and view real data visualizations in order to make informed decisions about how to add their own data to New Relic.

This resource provides information about the Global Performance data sets, how they work, what they do, and current options for accessing Global Performance data.

View of the Public API Performance dashboard screen.

Public API Performance dashboard


Please note: Global Performance data sets are presented as-is. Global Performance data sets represent an aggregate of samples across a range of sources, and New Relic makes no effort to attempt to confirm the correctness, completeness, or veracity of the data. This data should not be relied on as the sole source of information for any purpose you may use it, and New Relic is not responsible for decisions made in reliance on this data. Global Performance data sets should not be viewed as either an endorsement or a recommendation by New Relic of the technologies represented in the data sets.

Access valuable data and try out New Relic

Our first Global Performance data set, Public API Performance, offers a large body of real-world, real-time data about the performance of public APIs including AWS, Google, and more as experienced by New Relic customers (as authorized).

Because this data is already flowing through New Relic, you can access it within seconds of activating your account, and test drive New Relic dashboarding and querying capabilities in the process.

There’s no need to connect your own data sources to New Relic first, although we recommend you do so because adding your own data is easy, free, and the best way to understand how New Relic can serve your business needs.

Get started with the Public API Performance dashboard

To help you get started using Public API Performance data, we've created a Public API Performance dashboard. This dashboard provides both actionable general insights and analytics and also an example of how you might apply dashboarding capabilities to your own data.

Both new and existing customers should be able to view Global Performance data in the Public API Performance dashboard quickly and easliy. To start using this dashboard, see Explore the Public API Performance dashboard.

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