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Service levels release notesRSS

March 11
Renaming availability SLI as success

New Relic suggests some typical SLIs for APM services and browser applications. If you choose to create one of the suggested SLIs through the UI, New Relic will analyze the latest data available, and

February 25
One SLO per SLI

New Relic is introducing a breaking change on the service level setup flow: Starting on February 25, 2022, each service level indicator will support only one objective.

January 27
Easier setup

If you associate an SLI with an APM service or a browser app, we'll suggest some typical SLI and their queries. We'll use the latest data as a baseline for your service level objectives, and you'll be

December 1, 2021
Public beta launch

With the new simple interface for service level management, you'll understand how your services' performance and reliability are doing over time.

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