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New integrations: CircleCI, Netlify, ReleaseIQ, MuleESB, Databricks, and Jira

March 8, 2022

Six partner quickstarts that help you start monitoring CI/CD, data analytics, and more, even faster

In case you missed it, New Relic I/O helps you instrument, monitor, and analyze your stack in minutes. The secret ingredient: 450+ free expert-built quickstarts that bundle the integrations, guides, dashboards, and alerts for the technologies you rely on. Partners contributing quickstarts to Instant Observability

New integrations for instant observability

The latest cohort of partners contributing to making observability a daily habit for engineers spans across CI/CD platforms, integration platforms, data analysis, and agile project management. These partners include:

CI/CD: Gain visibility into the performance and health of your continuous integration and deployment pipelines

Integration platforms: Monitor Mule ESB with New Relic's Java agent

Data analytics: Track cluster health and fine tune Apache Spark jobs

Agile project management: Connect Jira with error tracking

Dashboard with CircleCI job metrics metrics

Visualize and monitor all your data in one platform

Learn more about how each of these partner-built quickstarts can help you quickly expand your observability game by reading this blog post. Or, dive into New Relic I/O and find a quickstart for your stack.

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